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Composition #1 at Cirque - KASK (At Tumult In Gent #3) - Ghent, 2015.

This text was cut & paste manufactured by artist and Internet.
"Today Yzebaert’s hybrid practice consists of autonomous work for which he employs a wide range of different disciplines (Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Design,…) and combines different techniques (appropriation, abstraction, digital manipulation,…) to expose each outcome in the ideal context. Doing so different components are presented without a distinct hierarchy. The environment, space, poster, or even the music playing during the exhibition should be treated equally as important as the art objects. 

Just like music and design, art is constructed to communicate. A great part of its success depends on perception, circumstances and other additions to the wider context. The context shapes the object, the experience, The Real. So does this text - or at least it tries to. Or not. There must be a context or else It doesn’t exist.

Yzebaert adventures into his own world and transforms obsolete objects into 'Things' – as he likes to refer to the 'Tiles' that hold their intrinsic qualities only when linked to their exposition and presentation in the context of the ‘seemingly neutral contemporary white cube'. The mere grabbing of these objects stem from a fascination by the ordinary, rejected items fabricated in this age of mass production. And while the elementary geometries of these objects communicate through a formal language that can be grasped by anyone, it is the placing of them in a chosen space that constitutes the true image, the installation experienced by the spectator. 

The works of Yzebaert have a distinct optical and physical presence. Their existence is materialized through their form and surface. They oscillate between attractive and arrogant. Yes, he strives to give aesthetic qualities to discarded goods to create objects of desire, to give meaning where there is only a void."