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"A series of prints mouted on black MDF (13x18) with images of Society Of Copy. The images are empty and flat. The tiles are equal and must be presented as a whole. They aren't photographs, rather they become interacting objects in space. The tiles avoid as much meaning as possible and become highly decorative. This is a ‘series in process’ and needs further investigation."

The first series were on display at the group show Arte Nova - D.Art in Mechelen - 2015.
The Tiles were presented in-situ behind a strange mosquito net or similar looking cloth. Visitors were unable to come closer to the Tiles. Visitors were only able to see them through the cloth, fixed in that perspective of the room. The cloth works as a filter between the subject and the presented works. The tiles themselves became part of the room, an installation as decoration of space.
This was at a crowed group exposition with about 50 artists. To prevent only being or flee from the overload of "art on the walls" I created my own hideout. No name or explanation was presented near the work. Only visitors with a sharp eye who were attracted to the materiality and aesthetics of the cloth would discover the work. Otherwise it would remain unseen.