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Two Faced False Wall
Bit Map (Group Expo), 2/3/4 May 2013, Ghent.

"Through digital & printing reproductions there is an upward trend in perceiving the visual world in two dimensions rather than in three. We sense locations, events, artworks or the self through those replicas without apprehending the real origin.

This work presents two worlds at the same time. Both will show the same but by different rules of the used media.
A photograph: the flash or a location can distort the image. The object: a flower can be dead, a candle burned out.

The installation will show those two worlds opposed to each other split by a false wall already present in the space. This to create the impossibility for the spectator to see both at the same time. If one in shown, the other is hidden.

Thank you, false wall, for being there." Matthias Yzebaert